Nusa Dua, Bali: Copious amounts of wood from Kalimantan (also known as Borneo) have been used to create this veritable Balinese water-palace, The Ayodya Resort Nusa Dua. The entrance of the hotel is enough to make you feel like you are on the threshold of a Balinese kingdom - a large dragon, carved out of stone, spouts water without a rest (instead of fire) - and once you enter the hallowed halls of the hotel you are, almost instantly, mesmerized by what lies in front of you - a lake with waterfalls here and there, herons and alligators commingling as if nature itself was born right in the middle of this exquisite resort.

It is of no wonder then that the Ayodya Resort chooses to market itself as a “kingdom of hospitality.” Indeed, a place fit for kings.

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