Oia, Santorini: The stark contrast between the blueness of the Aegean Sea and the pristine whiteness of Grecian architecture is probably what sets Greece apart from the rest of Europe. Whilst all of Europe has majestic, old buildings; aeons of history; exotic food; and exquisite natural beauty, Greece, on the other hand, takes the cake for having the most different architecture - simple, whitewashed matchbox houses and churches.

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Santorini, Greece: Whitewashed matchbox houses, quaint windmills, the endless Aegean Sea, beef moussaka, raging parties till the wee hours of the morning, charming locals and the feeling of centuries of history-makers having criss-crossed this very island, summer in Santorini is truly bliss. It is very easy to forget about going back home.

Little Venice, Mykonos: This quarter of Mykonos is so beautiful and dreadfully expensive - only for the rich and famous! In the summer, many a celebrity and supermodel can be seen sauntering along the alleys of Little Venice.

Santorini, Greece: Possibly the most lusted-after place on Earth.

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Delphi, Greece: Once regarded as the omphalos or the “navel” of the earth - Delphi was the temple of the Olympian deity Apollo, the son of Zeus, during the Classical Greek period. This temple, on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, was where people would come to have their future foretold by the Oracle or one of his priestesses. Not all of their prophecies were correct; in fact, the priestesses were mostly tripping on ethylene gas. 

"…inhalation of even a small amount of ethylene can cause both benign trances and euphoric frenzied states… where the subject could sit up, hear questions and answer them logically, although the tone of their voice might be altered, their speech pattern could be changed, and they may have lost some awareness of their hands and feet, (with some it was possible to have poked a pin or pricked them with a knife and they would not feel it). When patients were removed from the area where the gas accumulated they had no recollection of what had happened, or what they had said… According to Plutarch, who witnessed many prophecies, all of these symptoms match the experience of the Pythia in action.

- extract taken from Wikipedia

You gotta love Greek gods and goddesses! 

Oia, Santorini: Pashmina, immeasurable in pulchritude, being sold at steep prices in Santorini. I should’ve looked for a “Made in India” tag…

Mykonos, Greece: Springtime in this small island was windy, a little lonely but charming all the same. Known mainly for its wild beach parties, Mykonos in April was a pleasant surprise. The days were spent wandering through little alleys in the Little Venice quarter, learning the art of perfecting the moussaka (succulent aubergines do the trick!), chatting with Greek locals, and - believe it or not - showing hordes of enthusiastic tourists from big cruise-liners that had docked for the day the best spots for taking one or all three kinds of pictures: romantic, touristic or just plain gorgeous!